Second Language Identity Crises

       The Postmodern world: A fragmented world with fragmented identities. When all is commodified; when historical/cultural narratives are replaced by action film sensationalism;  when written works are replaced by jingoistic soundbites; when meaningful mealtime conversations are interrupted by banal text messaging; when longevity is replaced by instantaneity, forethought by spontaneity;  when  long-lasting alliances are  replaced by transitory, social networking meetings; when ‘real’ […]

Postmodern Pedagogy and beyond…

Five quotes sum up Postmodern TEFL’s position on pedagogy:  “We are reminded that schools and universities, through their institutional discourse, sustain and perpetuate the world view, values and interests (or hegemony) of those who happen to be the rich and powerful at the time… Through such discourse, citizens are also constructed. And these constructions serve […]

Writings on Postmodern TEFL

Concerning academic writings on Postmodern TEFL – quality outweighs quantity.  Should any visitor to this blog be researching Postmodern TEFL for their studies, the following works may be of interest: Postmodernism in TEFL – Andrew Edward Finch Life-Long Learning: The Postmodern Condition of Education – Richard Edwards The Post method era: Opportunities & Challenges    – Naser Rashidi and […]


Hard facts and figures. Rationality. Logic. Quantification. Grammar rules, course books and syllabuses.  These all belong to the modernist phenomena  (see Scott Thornbury’s ‘P is for Postmodern method‘). This is mechanistic, Cartesian thought. This is René Descartes’ separation of mind and body, with the mind/brain being a computer calculating life independent of activities of the body. This is […]

Social Change

Societies change, imperceptibly -like a snail, or dramatically – like a rampaging bull. “In life, the only constant is change” (Heraclitus). Nothing is static. Open up those fixed-looking company organograms and you open up Pandora’s box. And what a surging mass of political, inter-departmental, interpersonal issues we see swarming inside!  Here – ‘Truth’ is debated, defended and defined. […]

Second Language Acquisition

Second language acquisition is very commonly compared with first language (mother tongue) acquisition. A lot of TEFL research has gone into this. However, it is less common, in the world of TEFL, to consider the origins of language acquisition as we (homo sapiens) evolved out of our autochthonic origins – a process that took millions of years. Our students don’t have quite […]