What gives words legitimacy?

… a string of letters after a name, a grey beard, a mad-professor haircut, a pipe, a lectern, a pulpit, a book published, articles published full of academic terms, a well-crafted speech, inherent truth, charisma, an inbred air of authority, wit, charm, confidence, the right contacts, the right education…?

Forgive my facetiousness – but top down TEFL guidance is now under examination. This  not to attack, but to seek greater equality across the TEFL board. ‘Learned scholars’, institutions leaders, and working teachers all have the legitimacy to add opinions to aid the development of TEFL knowledge.

All opinions are valid.

Thousands of TEFL teachers daily inscribe their reflections on blogs and Facebook pages.  These are teachers at the classroom grindstone developing their craft with each lesson they conduct; the unsung heroes of the profession.  These are teachers who speak from active experience. This is where the grassroots grow.

So – what gives the opportunity for individual thoughts to be seriously considered?

So – what gives individual voices a chance to be heard too?

Teachers advocates groups (see TaWSIG) on the internet are now doing just that.

No revolution is needed, no ‘big names’ need to be put up against the wall 🙂

 Just a chance for all to be listened to – and this includes you!

This is multiperspectivism.

This is Postmodern TEFL.