In previous posts I have mentioned the “hyper-real”.  This is a concept of postmodern theorist – Jean Baudrillard.    This is where the world becomes ‘more real than real’. Larger than life.  Here it is – watch the video:     Information overload!  In postmodernism this is the blurring of the lines between human beings […]

Primary language acquisition

 I am a baby.  Sights and sounds flood my brain, but I don’t understand them.  I feel – that much is sure  And not only physical sensations, but emotional ones too.  When my mummy holds and kisses me, I feel good.  But when I don’t see her, I feel not so good.  Then all the […]

TEFL Ethnomethodology

OK.  So I’m side-stepping outside of postmodernism and going back to the anthropological interest in human interaction. Welcome to ethnomethodology. So, what goes on in an English language classroom? During CELTA  training, trainee teachers are taught to feel like students – to personally experience language learning; to experience the stress of being out of their own language comfort zones; […]

The Art of TEFL

Art and TEFL go hand-in-hand. There’s no avoiding that. Course books, company websites, and blogs depend on art. Art attracts, stimulates and communicates. Stretch the concept of art further to include company logos, letter-heads, posters, and interior design – then we see that art surrounds all we do in the world of TEFL. We like colour and attractive […]


It hurts to be excluded. It hurts to be marginalized. I know that. Don’t you? By definition any group is bounded and admission has a price: Abnegation of self for the collectivity.  We follow the group rules or we leave. Some groups are small, tight entities; some groups are large and welcome all – for we […]