Postmodern TEFL (click to enter)

  Postmodern TEFL. Big subject. Fascinating subject. Challenging subject. The TEFL subject of NOW! (Well, postmodernism came to the fore in the 1980s to be exact, but….) So, do you wish to ‘get with it’ concerning – Postmodern TEFL?  Like most subjects ‘Postmodern TEFL’ has levels of depth.  You can snorkel on the surface or you can dive […]

That’s all folks!

The time has come for me to lay this topic (Postmodern TEFL) aside. After writing a book, plus forty three articles on the subject (most purposefully kept short), I have come to an end. There is little more to say. Other projects and interests now take my time. Besides, some would say that ‘Postmodernism’ is now […]

Activism & TEFL?

As a business English teacher, I have to question the ‘grand-narrative’ under which I work when it legitimizes and promotes a global, exploitative capitalism of unequal access to the planet’s resources.  That’s not why I initially entered the TEFL profession. Previous blogs of mine have explored this in detail.  Professor John Grey has been quoted with reference […]

Trump & ELT

Postmodernism exemplified: T.V reality show host/Simpsons cartoon character becomes ‘President of The United States of America!  The world holds its breath in shock. Yes, unbelievable, but true.  Rationality, it appears,  counts for little in the American electoral system.  Not that the choice between a braggart and a corruption-contaminated candidate was ever that easy.  Nevertheless, the technicolour, disney  world of the USA,  creating twerking celebrities for […]

Post-colonialization and TEFL

The English language’s world dominance is a historical phenomena we all know well. It is a story of conquest and colonialization. This is a story in which the English are not unique. It has been an on-going story throughout the history of humanity as groups fought their neighbours; primarily for resources.  But the English did exceptionally well. Their empire […]

Postmodern pedagogy

Browsing TEFL blogs and TEFL Facebook forums sometimes feels like a being a goose force-fed grain – there are just so many resources on-line.  Well-prepared lessons may  result (?)  but really, the choice is quite over-powering.  This is pedagogical pluralism to the nth degree. No single pedagogical ‘way’ dominates. All teachers can create lessons and share them on-line. This is postmodern pedagogy – homemade […]

Global change

Few readers, I predict, remember the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 when the world held its breath knowing that all life on the planet could be wiped out at any moment. Some readers, I suspect, may remember Vietnam war days with the napalming of villages and the relentless dropping of bombs from B52s.  Later, when Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse now’ portrayed Conrad’s ‘The […]


  In previous posts I have mentioned the “hyper-real”.  This is a concept of postmodern theorist – Jean Baudrillard.    This is where the world becomes ‘more real than real’. Larger than life.  Here it is – watch the video:     Information overload!  In postmodernism this is the blurring of the lines between human beings […]